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As the 2020 season gets underway, check out the silverware that you are competing for... 



Trophy Namesort descending Image Description Recent Winners
Stradling Trophy

The senior Stradling Trophy.

Part of club history since 1960.

2019: Malcolm James and Jonny Stevenson
2018: Liz Macdonald
2017: Liz Macdonald
2016: Liz Macdonald
2015: Liz Macdonald
2014: Andy Miles

Stradling Trophy (Junior)

The Junior Stradling Cup.

2019: Ben McLoughlin and Annie Power
2018: Fran Neale and Will Farrant
2017: Will Farrant
2016: Oscar Ballantyne
2015: Felix & Jack Bowers

Talbot Cup

The senior Talbot cup.

Part of club history since 1959

2019: Norman Halstead
2018: Chris Jeffries
2017: Andy Miles
2016: Andy Miles
2015: Andy Miles
2014: Guy Lonsdale

Talbot Cup (Junior)

Junior Talbot Cup

2019: Benjamin McLoughlin and Ava Roberts
2018: Max Buswell and Monty Hampton
2017: Max Buswell
2016: William Farrant
2015: Not contested
2014: Ali...

The Ice Warriors

Cadet helm and crew who achieve the lowest point score over the main club frostbite series.

2019 Not awarded
2018 Not awarded
2017 Max Buswell & Monty Hampton
2016 Max Buswell & Will Farrant
2015 Lewis Tull & Fran Neale
2014 Francesca Neale...

The Rowden Trophy

Laser open trophy.  Part of club history since 1969.

Last SCSC Laser Open was in 2016

2016 Jon Ling (Bartley SC)
2015: Ed Higson (Bartley SC)
2014 Ed Higson (Bartley SC)
2013 Jon Ling (Bartley SC)

The Turtle Trophy (Cadet Open)

Awarded to the Overall Winner of the South Cerney Cadet Open

Donated by Stradlings of Cirencester in 1967, probably for the Merlin Rocket Class

2018 Emily Speirs and Hannah Taylor (FPSC)
2017 Finbar Wormwell and George Little (FPSC)
2016 Megan Ferguson & Yasmin Sfaxi (FPSC)
2015 Jamie &...

Transom Plate

Awarded to the runner up in the senior club championship since 1975

2019: Liz Macdonald
2018: Liz Macdonald
2017: Liz Macdonald
2016: Chris Jeffries
2015: Liz Macdonald
2014: Mike Round

Wiltshire Trophy (Cadet Open)

Awarded to the first placed SCSC boat in the Cadet open meeting, since 1999.  Donated by Ian Wiltshire.

2018 Max Buswell & Monty Hampton
2017 Max Buswell & Will Farrant
2016 Harry Folkard & Oscar Ballantyne
2015 Aliya Jannaty & Oscar Ballentyne

Wychwood Trophy - Endeavour Award

Awarded at the discretion of the Executive Committee to someone who has put in exceptional effort to the benefit of the club (other than by success in sailing achievements)

2019: Kevin Weatherhead
2018: Tim Hampton
2017: David Pocock
2016: Andrew Wallace
2015: Chris Williams
2014: Bill Smith
2013: Malcolm Stone


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