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Youths get flying start to team racing

The first match in the team racing series saw the youth team take a convincing 7-0 win over the Solo team. One of the Solo team said "it was a demostration in roll tacking by the youths and we didn't stand a chance!".  

This Saturday (18th) it is the turn of the Cadet Parent team to face Ian Bartletts team.  Will the Cadet Parents show the same skills as the youth team or will Ian Bartletts team take a victory?  The action kicks off at 14.30 and subject to wind conditions the course will be right in front of the clubhouse so it will be great for spectating.

Don't forget that bar meals are available after the racing, pre-book your meal with Pam Weeks;, 01793 762962.


Current results and details of the remaining rounds are detail below.

Team                     Matches Sailed     Matches Won      Matches Lost         Race Wins

Solos                               1                              0                            1                            0

Youths                             1                              1                            0                             7

Cadet Parents                0

Ian Bartlett                      0

There are four teams entered in the team race series and their captains are listed below:

Team A - Vernon Perkins - Solos
Team B - Ali Wallace - Youth
Team C - Scott Ballentyne - Cadet Parents/ Cadets
Team D - Ian Bartlett - Mixed

There are 6 weeks of round robin racing followed by a final between the two highest scoring teams, the schedule is as follows:-
Wk 1, Sat 4th June, A vs B
Wk 2, Sat 18th Jun, C vs D
Wk 3, Sat 25th Jun, A vs C
Wk 4, Sat 9th Jul,  B vs D
Wk 5, Sat 16th Jul, A vs D
Wk 6, Sat 23rd Jul, B vs C

The final is then on Saturday 30th Jul.

Paul Kimmens
Sailing Secretary



Paul Kimmens

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