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Week two of team racing provides some competitive racing

The second week of team racing was completed at the weekend with some competative racing but in the end Ian Bartletts team ended up with a comfortable 9-0  victory over the cadet parents. Everyone who took part had a great time. Each race took between 6-8 minutes which allowed  9 races in just over an hour, which was perfect. The wind died on the last race but by that stage the result was clear.

So after two weeks the leader board looks like this:-

Team                     Matches Sailed     Matches Won      Matches Lost         Race Wins

Ian Bartlett                       1                              1                            0                             9

Youths                             1                              1                            0                             7

Solos                               1                              0                            1                             0

Cadet Parents                 1                              0                            1                             0


There are four teams entered in the team race series and their captains are listed below:

Team A - Vernon Perkins - Solos
Team B - Ali Wallace - Youth
Team C - Scott Ballentyne - Cadet Parents/ Cadets
Team D - Ian Bartlett - Mixed

There are 4 more weeks of round robin racing followed by a final between the two highest scoring teams, the schedule is as follows:-

Wk 3, Sat 25th Jun, A vs C
Wk 4, Sat 9th Jul,  B vs D
Wk 5, Sat 16th Jul, A vs D
Wk 6, Sat 23rd Jul, B vs C

Next week its the turn of the Solo's to face the cadet parents.  Both teams are looking for their 1st race win and one of them will be the match winner so it's sure to be a competative afternoon of sailing. 

Dont forget that  bar meals are available after racing courtesy of Pam Weeks but please book your meal beforehand. 

If you are not sailing why not come down and watch the racing which will be right in gront of the clubhouse, weather permitting

Paul Kimmens
Sailing Secretary



Paul Kimmens

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