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Weather Station now live


South Cerney Sailing Club has now installed a top quality and easily accessible weather station providing accurate real time and forecast weather data for our lake.  So now windsurfers and dinghy sailors alike have the latest real information available.

Access is available via the windguruLIVE icon on the WEATHER AND CAMERA page available via the new WEATER – WEBCAM icon, or on the front page of the members web site.  Watch out its addictive viewing!

The icon includes the real wind speed and colour to see where it is in the wind range, look out for the purple.  Click on the icon and you get a new window full of information including live wind direction, speed and temperature.  You can see how gusty the wind is and its trend as well as having the latest forecast.

Click on the wind speed graph and you will open up more information that gives you the opportunity to tailor the information.  Everything is explained in the User Guide attached at the bottom of this article.

The service is provided via the Windguru weather platform, one of the premier forecasting sites.

The weather station is mounted in a prominent position above our race hut so should not be affected by the surrounding trees etc. providing an accurate picture of the conditions on our lake.

As always, these things are never as simple as expected and some may have noticed that there were unexpected problems when this first went live.  It has taken some time to sort out the connectivity issues and our special thanks go to Paull Kimmens for his persistence in solving the issue, and finally getting really lucky.

In conjunction with the weatherstation the lake webcam is now streaming in HTML5 and is even better than before.  Great for watching the racing if you are not there.

If this makes you want to come and join in then we look forward to seeing you very soon.

Vernon Perkins

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