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TackTracker records Chilli Dog series action

Some of our Solo fleet have been piloting the use of Tacktracker and the time has come to release this to the wider membership. Tacktracker is a programme that lets you replay races - or practice sessions - by using GPS data stored on small logging devices (not much bigger than a matchbox). It will add a lot of interest to the usual post-sailing banter. Tacktracker also takes files from other logging devices such as Speed Puck. Once the race has been edited it can be stored online and replayed on your home computer on the free viewer.

As well as fun, Tacktracker is a superb tool for analysing up-wind tactics, especially (and this is where races are won or lost). Did you tack on the shift? How fast were you getting back up to speed after the tack? What was the effect of not getting a clear lane upwind? Did it pay to sail up the left hand side? All of these become immediately apparent. Windsurfers might like a permanent record of their top speeds on those blistering reaches. It is also briliant for training and you can store your personal tracks over time to measure improvement.

There will be half-hour demos on Tacktracker at lunchtime on the Saturday and Sunday of the working parties - 22nd / 23rd Feb so you can get a feel of it.  If you can't wait, and would like to experience the online version then click here.  If anyone wants to buy a GPS logger, contact me as we will be putting in a club purchase at the end of February.

David Pocock

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