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Stradling Trophy decides Club Championships

With the wind strength even worse than the forecasters had predicted, light and shifting all over the place, 7 boats launched to start the final trophy event of this year, the Stradling Trophy.  Race officer Ian Bartlett supported by Andy Miles with Kevin and Peter Weatherhead on safety boat managed to lay a course that allowed Adult racing to get underway at 11:00 as scheduled and the Juniors 5 minutes later. 

In the Adult event Liz Macdonald started the day as she intended to carry on with a 1st followed by Mike Round and Vernon Perkins.  Chris Jefferies was struggling in the low wind with his Devoti D Zero.  It was great to see one of the clubs 420’s out and competing but it definitely was not the right wind conditions for them.  So the course was altered for race 2 with the inclusion of mark 6, but the wind died there half way through the race stringing out the field.  Liz again took 1st followed by Mike and Chris Payne who were able to master the light wind conditions and get lucky with the faintest of gusts.  lunch couldn’t be better planned as the wind was dying off quickly.  It was so light that Ian had no choice but to postpone the start to race 3 allowing all to refine our rigging and talk tactics on the beach, as you do when killing time.  But the wind did come back providing the best racing of the day and allowing Ian to set some good courses.  Race 3 results were a repeat of race 1 but another course change for race 4 and an increasing wind saw Chris Jefferies get back in the game and get a 1st  followed by Liz and Mike just as the wind started to disappear again, this would prove critical to the final standing.

Final standing saw Liz Macdonald pick up what has got to be one of the nicest trophies with Mike Round in 2nd and although tied on points with Vernon Perkins, Chris Jefferies took 3rd with his 1st place counting in his favour.

The Junior event was dominated by an on-fire Oscar Ballantyne sailing a Laser 4.7 and taking 4 bullets, he must have felt lonely so far ahead of the rest.  He was followed by Francesca Neale/Emilia Hampton with four 2nd places and Florence Hawker/Elisa Power in 3rd in 3 of the 4 races in their Cadets. Ethan Millar/Thomas Pontet managed to wrestle the 3rd away from Florence/Elisa in the 3rd race. 

So the final placings were 1st Oscar Ballantyne, 2nd Francesca Neale/Emilia Hampton and 3rd Florence Hawker/Elisa Power.

The photo shows the presentation for the Stradling Trophy events.

This concludes the normal sailing season for 2015/2016 and the Cannon and Coot trophy results can now be confirmed.

The Coot Trophy, the club’s overall championship for the Adults, has been won by Liz Macdonald (Europe), with Chris Jefferies (Devoti D Zero) in 2nd Place and Vernon Perkins (Solo) in 3rd

The Cannon Trophy, the club’s overall championship for Juniors, has been won by Francesca Neale and Emilia Hampton with Monty Hampton and Will Salmon in 2nd place in their Cadets.  Oscar Ballantyne (Laser 4.7) finished in 3rd place taking it on count back having equal points to William Farrant (Topper) and Max Buswell/William Farrant (Cadet)

Congratulations to all who took part in this year’s series. 

Now we get on with the Frostbite series up to Christmas and the Chilli Dogs series after the new year, often the best sailing of the year, but cold so wrap up well.

Vernon Perkins

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