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SCSC New Articles & Bye Laws

Our Club Constitution was written in 1966 under the 1948 Companies Act, when South Cerney Sailing Club became a Private Company Limited by Guarantee. It was fit for purpose at the time, but needs to be brought up to date. The executive committee has been working on the necessary changes since January 2016, in consultation with the RYA legal department, and the Membership will be invited to approve the resulting two documents (attached below) at the AGM to be held at 2.30pm on 11th December 2016. Subject to this approval, the following two documents will become the new Club Constitution,

  • New SCSC Articles of Association
  • New SCSC Bye Laws

These two documents will replace our Current Articles of Association (last amended at AGM 2015) and our Current Rules and Regulations (as displayed in the Club Rules section available under the MEMBERS menu).

Nothing fundamental to the club has changed, the aim is simply to bring things up to date within the simplified structure permitted under the Companies Act 2006, and the RYA legal recommendations for Sailing Clubs set up as Private Companies Limited by Guarantee. For those who would like to delve into the detail of what has changed, a Cross- Reference from the Current Articles to the New Articles and Bye Laws is also attached below

Please take a little time to peruse these documents before the AGM. If you have any questions or comments please send to the Club Secretary (Liz Hassall) by 4th December We will make best efforts to reply to any queries raised within this period. The AGM agenda includes Special Resolutions covering the Membeship approval of these attached documents. Please come along to register your vote, The full Notice of AGM will be published separately within the next few days

Liz Hassall, Club Secretary, on behalf of the Executive Committee


Liz Hassall
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