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Portsmouth Yardstick Update

As we approach the end of the Autumn series of racing the handicap committee have been hard at work analysing over 1800 race results in order to be able to make adjustments to the PY numbers that we use at SCSC. It is a complex and time consuming task but neccessary in order to make handicap racing as fair as possible.

Some classes will see their PY increase and some will see a decrease.  Full details are in the attached PDF document and are also displayed on the official notice board in the clubhouse.

The new PY numbers will take effect from the 30th October (1st race of Frostbite series).

Many thanks to the handicap committee; Vernon Perkins, Al Sim, and Andrew Wallace for all their hard work and deliberations to produce the new PY list for SCSC.


Paul Kimmens
Sailing Secretary


Paul Kimmens

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