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One step closer to the Olympics

One of South Cerney Sailing Club’s top sailors, Rhos Hawes, is one step closer to the Olympic dream.

For any up and coming youngster Rhos is proof if it was needed that hard work, dedication and determination can get you to the top of the sport, but still lots of work to be done. 

He started at South Cerney SC at 8 years old in the Cadet fleet moving to the indicator series crewing in Cadets at 10 and has been busy training every weekend since. This has been followed by cadet national squad, cadet national junior squad, 420 transitional squad, 420 youth squad, 420 tailored support squad, 470 transitional squad, 470 Olympic development training and now 49er in the British Sailing Team.  All through the squad pathway!

In Rhos’s words “After a busy summer of 2016 racing RS 200s, 505’s, J97’s, 470’s and 49er’s, I am now crewing a 49er with Morgan Peach in the British Sailing Team. Our aims are to gain as much experience over the next 2 years until finishing our degrees and heading full time in 2018.  I am balancing this alongside studying biomedical sciences at Plymouth University.  Racing in Junior and Senior World and European Championships over the following years will help us build so much valuable experience amongst the best in the world to move up in the fleet.  Our first big event of the year will be the Princess Sofia Regatta in Palma in March for the World Cup Series.  We will also be competing in National Rankers and other small events alongside the bigger events”

In the photograph Rhos is really enjoying crewing in a 49er, a boat he says really suits him.

Last week Rhos was included in the announcement for the 2020 Olympic cycle squads. Click here for details.  As Rhos states “An honour to be on there and to have the potential to work our way up”.

As his time is packed and unlikely to be able to spend much time at the club Rhos has promised to keep us informed with articles through the year when he can fit them in.

We of course all wish him the very best and hope he enjoys the experience.

Let's see where the next Rhos is going to come from, it could be you!

Vernon Perkins

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