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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 16/04/2020

An update to the current lockdown of our sailing club.  In line with the government announcement today that the lockdown will be extended for at least the next 3 weeks, we are confirming the club will continue to be closed for the same period.  This results in an extension to the lockdown to at least the 7th May.  As we have stated all the way through, our overriding duty is to protect our members, visitors, the general public and to reduce any potential burden on the emergency services who are doing a fantastic job.  We are following the government instructions and will keep watching for any developments and will advise our members as soon as possible.

That means the lake is closed, there are no reasons or any requirement to visit the site, even if you were able to travel.  The site is secure, and our extensive CCTV is in operation together with other measures we have put in place.  We will review how to open the club and run events when we know what any relaxation of the lockdown requirements will be.  Regarding duties going forward we will be very accommodating of those who have good reason to continue any self-isolation or circumstances have changed after the lockdown is being relaxed or ended.  We will address this later so please do not be concerned.

Our club is well placed to ride this storm out and we appreciate the support of our members in this difficult time.  We would want nothing more than being able to take advantage of the glorious weather we are currently experiencing but obviously we can’t. We are currently reviewing all the rates relief, and other available financial support that we hope will benefit our club and membership. Things are moving positively on this.

Thank you all for your support and understanding and together we will get through this.  Anybody still working in a critical business and especially our emergency services I think it goes without saying you all have our utmost respect and support for what you are doing.

Please stay safe, at home and minimise your risk of getting this virus and putting a burden on our emergency services.

But to be absolutely clear, The Club is Closed, please do not visit.

Vernon Perkins - Commodore

Vernon Perkins

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