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Winter coaching and 2015

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Winter coaching and 2015

Dear Cadets & Parents

First of all I am pleased to let you all know that I am your Cadet captain for next year (did I hear a groan? laugh).  I'd like to thank Yunus for his hard work last year on behalf of 96 Cadet Squadron members - I know that Aliya and Aqil have world team ambitions for 2015, however in spite of this, I hope that Yunus is able to continue to play an active role coaching at the club.

2015 Plans

The eagle-eyed among you will have seen that next year's sailing programme has already been loaded on the website.  Take a look and make sure that you put the key dates in your diary now!  For example, our open meeting is on 13th and 14th June.  Unless you have already planned to visit your Gran in Australia, you have no excuse for not joining us! I still have to agree the dates for our summer camp, but please assume that it will be during the summer half term (May 2015).

Several changes will take place for next year:

  1. Coaching days will focus on sailing skills in the morning, to develop individuals (helm and crew) and focus on fun.  There will be a racing focus in the afternoon, looking to build partnerships and develop teamwork (also taking part in the handicap races).  The day will start at 10am and first session will finish at 12:30pm.  Cadets will be back on the water at 1:30pm with racing starting at 2:30pm and finishing at 4:30pm
  2. Race days will feature 3 races in the morning and a further 2 races in the afternoon (taking part in the club handicap races).  The first race will start at 10:30am, with lunch at approx 1:00pm.  The last 2 races will start at 2:30pm and finish at 4:30pm
  3. We will have a number of 'land days' where we cannot sail due to other events at the club (i.e. Open Meetings).  Our plan is to have morning sessions starting at 10am and lasting 2 hours, during which everyone will take part in 4 activities (like using the simulator, fitness/circuit training, knots, classroom theory, quiz, treasure hunt, tug of war etc) spending 30 minutes on each.  These will be action-packed, and fun, sessions!

Tony Goodrich has started to build the duty roster for 2015, and will send out detailed instructions early next year to enable you to sign-up for these duties.

For each of the last 3 years, 96 Cadet Squadron has had to pay approximately £1000 to repair damage to boats.  This is not something that we can continue to do, and so our bosun team (led by Jeremy Folkard) will be fitting bow fenders to each of the club cadets.  This is not an excuse for anyone to play bumper cars - but instead a way for us to save money that we would rather spend on something much more constructive.  I'd like everyone, especially our Cadets, to start to think of the boats as "ours" and take care of them accordingly.  Putting this cost into context - it equates to approximately 15 days of galley profit during our main season.  It's a shame to see all that galley effort required for something as boring as repairing a hole in a boat.

On the subject of the galley - Olwynne Goodrich will be producing some guidance on how to run a great galley in 2015, offering some menu suggestions that are both tasty and profitable.  This should help improve our galley profits next year, and help secure the funds that we need to keep the Cadet squadron running properly.  Please keep an eye out for news on this topic.

Winter training

Next Saturday, we have the first of our winter training sessions.  The main focus this year is on parents skills (not cadets), however, if you would like to join us and allow the parents to 'practice' on you, please drop me an email at  You will be more than welcome to take part - the planned start is at 10am, and we will finish at 4pm.  Additional dates so far are 29th November and 13th December.

Finishing off 2014

There are two things that you still need to do - NOW:

  1. Book tickets to the tudor feast!  There are lots of prizes to be handed out to our young sailors, and it will be a real shame if you are not there to collect them in person.  Apart from that, it will be a great evening.
  2. Take part in the Ice Warriors Trophy.  We had two cadets out last weekend and they joined the club for one of the largest start lines I have seen for some time, and I was on the water coaching both during and in between the races.  Well done to Fran & Flo and Olivia & Oscar for starting with 35 other boats.  Fran and Flo are now at the top of the Ice Warriors leaderboard - well done girls!

Happy sailing,


Andrew Wallace

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