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Santa let me down

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Santa let me down

No new boat for me this Christmas.  I hung up my stocking, sent lots of hints but no new boat appeared on the day.  Still: mustn't complain.  I did look on 'Apollo Duck' though, to see what's available, and there are loads for sale at all prices.  So if you're thinking of buying or upgrading a boat, now might be a good time to start looking. 

What a fantastic day it's been for sailing, with glorious sunshine and a great wind this morning. Five of our members took advantage of it with three having a wonderful time practising start after start, and two in the safety boat.  Many thanks again from the three sailors (Vernon, Catriona and Blair) to those on the safety boat (Paul and Loan). I watched some of it on the webcam and, although I've packed up my boat for the winter, I really started to wish I was there.

There's no official sailing on New Years Day, BUT I know that a some are hoping to get on the water.  There may not be a rescue boat, but if you interested you could contact Vernon for more information. His email address is  Do be aware that you always sail at your own risk, and that you can be the only judge of your capabilities.  You will need to be particularly wary if there is no rescue cover: especially in these cold conditions.  But for those who feel confident that they can cope, it could be a great way of starting the new year.

For all you hardy sailors who like the crisp clear air of winter, and probably the best breezes of the year, the Chilli Dog Series starts next Sunday.  That's Sunday 4th January.  This series is not part of the club duty roster, so those taking part will need to sign up for a duty.  You can do that now.  For more details take a look at the front page of the website.  You can't miss it.

Please remember that the gate code changes on January 1st.  You will have received the new code in the letter that Gail sent out with your membership renewal confirmation.

Wishing everyone a very happy new year, with loads of good sailing.

Malcolm Stone
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Malcolm Stone

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