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The Ice Warrior Trophy continues

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The Ice Warrior Trophy continues

Dear Cadets,

The Ice Warrior trophy continues again this weekend and there are only 10 races left in the series.  That is another 5 Sundays folks.

I will be there on Sunday ready to do some coaching with those that come.  If you are coming, please bear in mind that the weather is starting to get a bit colder.  This weekend, although the wind is light, it will be coming from the East over Europe and therefore colder than normal.  The temperature is forecast to peak at 10C at midday, which isn't warm.  Please make sure that you wear the right clothing.

Time 1000 1100 1200 1500
Weather Conditions Light Cloud Light Cloud Light Cloud Light Cloud
Temperature (°C) 9 9 10 10
Wind Speed (knots)





Wind Direction ENE ENE ENE NE

Remember that it is 9 races to count, and at present Fran and Flo have 4 wins to their name.

The first race starts at 11am, with the second race immediately after.  I will be around to answer questions before you set off, so come and ask me to make sure that your boat is setup correctly for the conditions.  I am also happy to share information about the wind conditions and how to get around the course.  I should also be able to get on the water and certainly coach you between races.  Technically I shouldn't help during a race, but will do if I think I can get away with it!

Hopefully I will see some of you at the club on Sunday, and remember, if you plan to get in front make sure you know the course!

Keep the dry side up!



Andrew Wallace

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