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Cadet Open Meeting Special - 11 June 2014

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Cadet Open Meeting Special - 11 June 2014

Dear Cadets and Cadet Parents,

Can we believe it, it is June already and we have our main event of the year, our Open Meeting this weekend. I am sure there isn't any Cadet or Cadet Parent that isn't aware of it as Olwynne or I have been keeping you well informed between us! I am estimating that we should have around 16 visiting boats making a total entry list of around 32 boats.

The pairings are as follows:

No. of Boats Helm                    Crew                      Sail No. Boat                   Camping                 
1 Emma Folkard Izzy Griffith   Top Notch N  
2 Aqil Jannaty Francesca Neale 9319   N  
3 Ali Wallace Wiliam Farrant 7231 Sollum Voe ?  
Daisy Everard Oscar Ballentyne   Galaxsea N            
5 Felix Bower Lewis Tull   Nauti Bouys N  
6 Aliya Jannaty Olivia Ballentyne 9963 All is Swell N  
7 Rowan Connolly Florence Hawker   Double Trouble Y  
8 Harry Folkard Alice Folkard 9302 Excalibur N  
9 Reece Lane Max Buswell 9382 Exe-celerator N  
10 Hannah Goodrich       Katie Hynes            7274 Waverider N  
11 Will McMahon Felix Buswell 9035 Top Cat N  
12 Tom Hynes Ruben Hynes 2771 OXO N  
13 Charlie Allison Emma Sowden      Purple Pondie      N Saturday Only
14 Fiona Querkett Alex Tubbs 6301 Mitts Off N Sunday Only
15 Emma Querkett Emily Tubbs   Catch the Coot  N Sunday Only
16 Poppy Redfern

Alfie Upton/ Jack Bowers


Alfie for Sat/ Jack for Sun

Provisional Programme for the Weekend


Cadet Racing: 1100 – 1630hrs

Parent/Cadet Kayak Racing: 1630 – 1730hrs (can over run but finish by 1830) Cadet Parents please bring your wetsuit/wet gear for the Parent/Cadet Kayak race.

Scaletrix Racing: 1730 – 2030hrs

BBQ serving: 1830hrs  - 2000hrs


Cadet Racing: 1000 - 1230hrs

Lunch: 1230-1330hrs

Prizegiving:1330 - 1400hrs

Clear Up 1400 - 1430hrs

Please note there is Sunday club racing at 1430hrs so expect main club members to be around.

Camping Overnight

We have visitors camping over Fri and Sat night so I shall be staying at the Club - me a call if you require any assistance over the weekend.


May I request everyone to be vigilant and ensure no valuables are left in the changing rooms or open areas - as it will be busy and we could get strangers walking in with out be noticed.

Changing Rooms

As you will expect, the changing rooms will be extremly busy so where possible, please keep your kit in the car until required and if everyone can try and mop up as and when required and keep the changing rooms as clean as possible it will save a big job on the Sunday.


The prizes as you would expect, there is the customary 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies but we also have the 1st SCSC Cadet Boat trophy for just our Cadets to win so please bear this in mind if you happen not to be at the front of the fleet becasue you could still be leading the SCSC boats.

Big Thank You in Advance

I would like to thank everyone who is contributing their time, cake making skills and organising abilities as I believe we have everything in place for a fantastic Open Meeting. I have even requested glorious sunshine and decent winds....

Good luck to all sailors and let's have a fun weekend.






Yunus Jannaty

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