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Asymmetric Training Day Report

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Asymmetric Training Day Report

We had a great training morning today with Leon Ward, despite the somewhat windy weather. We had 9 boats taking part.

We started the day with a useful session on shore, with Leon giving advice on hoisting and dropping the kite, and on gybing. He emphasised the importance of hoisting and dropping the kite on a training run, so it is blanketed by the main and does not power up immediately. Then by heading up the kite can be powered up in a controlled way. He also discussed the importance of sailing the boat flat, and watching out constantly for gusts, and bearing away before they hit - trying to bear away once the boat is heeling is not easy and more fails and ends up with the boat broaching.

He also discussed that gybing more slowly, to depower the kite on a gybe is sensible, aiming to sail a gentle curve to execute a gybe.

It was then onto the water, but shortly after getting out, the wind really picked up and though we had great fun on the water, with many uisng the kite in stronger winds than they would do usually. All bar one boat capsized at least once, with some of us swimming more than others. However it gave a very good practical opportunity to see how the techniques Leon had been talking about  really work in practice.I shall certainly resist the temptation to head straight to the next mark whilst hoisting the kite, rather than bearing off onto the training run.

All in all it was an excellent day. I would value feedback in a few weeks from those who participated about how the day has helped improve their sailing, so I can pass it on to Leon.

Our next class event is the asymmetric open meeting on Saturday 7th June, this will be an excellent day to practice with the kite, as we will be setting courses ideal for the asymmetric fleet, and there will be no other boats on the water to get in our way. I will be sending out more details shortly.

See you on the water,


Asymmetric class captain

Andrew Appleton

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