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2015 Cadet Duty Roster

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2015 Cadet Duty Roster

Dear all,

If you’re a new member, welcome to the duty roster! If you’re an old hand, welcome back (there are some changes this year, so please read on)!


This is your opportunity to choose your preferred duties. It's first come, first served, so the sooner you login and sign up, the more likely you will be to get the slots you want.

The instructions are simple:

  • Login to the South Cerney Sailing Club website at  Don’t worry if you have forgotten your password – you can  request a new one by clicking on the “Request new password” tab and entering your email address.  If you are still stuck, contact Andrew Wallace and he can amend the email address used for your account (email:, phone: 07967 275531)
  • Click on the ‘Duties’ option under the ‘Members’ menu
  • Make sure that the ‘Cadets’ roster is selected
  • Navigate to the month that you want to do a duty using the “Prev” and “Next” buttons, or via the month and year list selections
  • Click on the green “Volunteer” link for the duty that you want to do.  Make sure that you select a duty on a date and role that fits your availability and skills
  • You can remove yourself from a duty by clicking on the red “You are…” link.  Once the roster is locked (early March), this will result in a swap request and you will only be removed when someone else volunteers for your duty.

In order to run the programme of events each Cadet family is required to undertake around 8 duties over the course of the year.  As the Cadet Open duties are yet to be loaded, please sign up for 6 duties only at this stage.  We hope that everyone will be involved with the Open meeting in one way or another, as it is our major event of the year.

Please note that to drive the safety boat you need a valid RYA Powerboat 2 qualification, or suitable experience validated by the Vice Commodore. If you have any doubts please contact the Vice Commodore, the Sailing Secretary or the Cadet Captain.

All times are duty start times.  Please make sure that you arrive early enough to start on time.  The briefing start time for every weekend is 10am.  Coaches will be expecting Cadets to arrive on time.

Please complete your choices by 28th February. Members who have not chosen by then will be allocated any duties that are left over. If those duties are inconvenient, it will be up to members to arrange swaps.

If you need help with the duty system or have any other duty related questions, please get in touch me using the contact details below.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!


Andrew Wallace

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