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1st Newsletter for 2014

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1st Newsletter for 2014

Cadets and Cadet Parents,

I trust everyone has had a great break and are now looking forward to a great 2014 sailing season. We have some great things planned, not only sailing but also socially.

Rib Engines Theft

You have probably heard that we have had 4 engines stolen from our club ribs. The only rib left intact is Snow Patrol which luckily has meant that Sunday sailing at the club can still go ahead. The club has lots of work to do like getting the doors repaired, upgrade security and then organise and pay for the engines to be replaced. As you can imagine, this is all additional work we can do without and some club members are working very hard on our behalf to rectify the situation.  

Cadet Duties

Tony has been working hard to get Dutyman ready to be published as it is that time to volunteer for cadet parent duties. Tony will issue some guidance in helping you to volunteer for duties in Dutyman. Please be generous with your time as we are going to be struggling to fill some duties. The table below shows what duties we have to fill and the approx number of parents that can fill those slots (numbers based on those have renewed their membership for 2014)

Cadet Duties Duties to fill Qualified Parents
Trainer 21 1
Safety 1 35 8
Safety 2 35 40
Galley 74 45
Responsible Adult 34 45
Race Officer 5 -
Training Assistant 27 2 ex-cadets
Social Organiser 2 40
Event Manager 2 40
Galley Coordinator 2 40
Results Organiser 2 40

The reality is that if we do not get key duties filled (eg. Safety 1) then no sailing will take place and we will then have a land day.

2014 Sailing Programme

The sailing programme for 2014 is completed and the first formal Saturday training will take place on 12 April. We do have Ed Impey's pre-season training on 8/9 March and there may be a need to change it to 15/16 March based on rib availability. I hope to get confirmation by the end of the weekend and will email everyone accordingly.

RYA Dinghy Show

The 2014 RYA Dinghy Show is  at Alexander Palace in London on 1/2 March and Aliya's boat will be at the Cadet stand - if you are going to be visiting, please come and see us and also, if you could man the stand for an hour or two that would be great.


As you may have noticed, the SCSC website is new with many thanks to Andrew Wallace for designing it from scratch. I think it looks fantastic and it is for everyone to use. The Cadet section will be populated with more information as WE learn to use the website features. We also have a forum which you can subscribe to and we can have discussions to further improve our sailing or organise socials.

Please look out for Cadet newsletters and respond to invitation to events as soon as you can so we have an idea of numbers - remember, the more we have particpating the more fun we can have and also it keep the costs down.


Yunus Jannaty

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