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Top 10 reasons for choosing South Cerney Sailing Club

We have much to be proud of at SCSC and, if you are thinking of joining, this is no time for us to be modest. So, in no particular order:

We are a sailing club

Not just a racing club. We offer a warm welcome to those new to sailing who just want to learn enough to potter around on a Saturday morning, right through to serious racers who expect a high standard of race management. Alongside, we have an active and growing windsurfer membership.

We now have a large number of single-handed and double-handed boats available for low-cost hire to members. These are particularly popular for new members who are then under no pressure to buy their own boat.

We are a friendly club

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than new members telling us how welcoming they find us. We run Taster Mornings in the summer for prospective new members to look around the club, meet some of our regular members and have a taster sail. We have a New Member Co-ordinator dedicated to meeting the needs of those who are recently joined and we have a special day for new members to get together. For members who join without having purchased a boat, we have single and double-handed boats for hire at very reasonable rates.

We are a training club

We are an RYA Accredited Training Centre with a regular programme of RYA level 1 and 2 training courses taught be our own instructors. We have national award-winning recognition for the quality of our youth training. We hold training for all classes as well as club-wide training. In the last year we have made extensive use of our new video facilities for coaching.

After completing your RYA level 2 training, members are able to take advantage of our club's boat hire facilities.  Several classes of boat are available for hire, including single handers, double handers for both novices and experienced racers.  More details are available here.

We are a family club

Sailing is a sport that is not dependent on athletic stamina, and we have regular sailors from age 8 years through to competitive 70 year olds. Our Cadet Squadron offers locally unparalleled opportunities for children and young people to learn and enjoy sailing in a safe, sociable and fun environment. We have a strong track record of producing very capable and competitive young sailors.

We are a social club

Our outstanding purpose-built clubhouse looks out over the lake and is the ideal spot to while away an afternoon sitting, chatting, and watching the more active members of the family exert themselves. Even better, is to do all that on the patio ... when the sun shines. Our galley is open on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the season and is renowned for good food and good value. We vary our social events which have recently featured a barn dance to present our annual prizes, a summer weekend regatta with a combination of serious and silly events, a Scalextric evening, some visiting speakers, and even a quiz or two.

We have a lot of water!

Ours is the biggest, and deepest lake in the area allowing us to cope with boats as big as the Flying Fifteen and as fast as the RS400. It is an attractively landscaped setting, but does not suffer from islands or tree banks and all the associated problems of difficult ‘flukey’ conditions that these create.

We are serious about racing

We offer more races per week than any other local club. We race all year round, and during the main season we have races on Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays and Thursday evenings. We ring the changes with class, handicap, trophy days and fun personal handicap series. Our current fleets are Albacores, Asymmetrics, Cadets, Flying Fifteens, Lasers, Solos, and General Handicap. Our strong reputation for race management and excellent facilities makes us an attractive venue for open events. We are proud to host the Albacore Inland Championships, and one of the largest club open meetings for Cadets with, typically, half the UK Nationals fleet attending.

We have no problems with weed

Due to the extensive work and scientific approach by club members, we have achieved virtually weed-free sailing over the last 3 years. Not many inland clubs can claim this, and we aim to continue to be at the forefront of the fight against weed while maintaining the lake as a healthy and balanced ecosystem for wildlife.

We are a self-sufficient club

The club is run entirely by members for members. To keep costs down members do four half-day duties per year, and feedback from members is that helping out enhances the experience of membership, as well as sensibly keeping down costs.

We are committed to continuously improving facilities

We are proud of our excellent facilities, but we have a policy of continuous improvement. This year, for example, has seen us investing in cutting-edge developments in automated race management systems, in a new windsurfer store, with further development plans in the pipeline.

2018 Membership Fees

Family membership  
Dinghy Sailing Family (Standard) - includes children < 18 and storage for one dinghy £315
Crew/Windsurfer Family - includes children < 18 but no dinghy storage £241
Cadet Parents Social - includes children < 18 but no dinghy storage £175
Dinghy Sailing Senior Family - both > 65 years on 1 Nov 2017 and storage for one dinghy £194
Crew/Windsurfer Senior Family - both > 65 years on 1 Nov 2017 but no dinghy storage £121
Individual membership  
Dingy Sailing Individual (Standard) - includes children < 18 and storage for one dinghy £249
Crew/Windsurfer Individual - includes children < 18 but no dinghy storage £175
Dinghy Sailing Senior Individual - > 65 years on 1 Nov 2017 and storage for one dinghy £174
Crew/Windsurfer Senior Individual - > 65 years on 1 Nov 2017 but no dinghy storage £105
Young Adult/Student - no joining fee and no dinghy storage  £66
Social Member - non-sailing member and no dinghy storage  £66
Other items  
Joining Fee - one-off payment per new membership £50
Additional Dinghy berth - subject to space available £74
Trailer stored in trailer park - For trailers kept on site but not stored under the member's dinghy in their allocated berth £37
Windsurfer Garage Slot - There is a waiting list for indoor windsurfer storage - please contact the membership secretary £60
Duty Buy-outs - four duties per active sailing member per year £50 per duty

Windsurfers with a dinghy berthed on site may store one board tidily in the same berth or may apply for a berth to store their windsurfing equipment.


FEES - Sliding Scale for 2018 Season


  Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sept Oct
Family membership                      
Dinghy Sailing Family Standard £289 £262 £236 £210 £184 £157 £131 £105 £79 £52 £22
Crew/Windsurfer Family £220 £220 £180 £160 £140 £120 £100 £80 £60 £40 £20
Cadet Parents Social £160 £146 £131 £117 £102 £87 £73 £58 £44 £29 £15
Dinghy Sailing Senior Family £178 £162 £145 £129 £113 £97 £81 £65 £49 £32 £16
Crew/W-surfer Senior Family £110 £110 £90 £80 £70 £60 £50 £40 £30 £20 £10
Individual Membership                      
Dinghy Sailing Ind Standard £228 £207 £187 £166 £145 £124 £104 £83 £62 £42 £21
Crew/W-surfer Individual £160


£131 £117 £102 £87 £73 £58 £44 £29 £15
Dinghy Sailing Senior Individual £164 £149 £134 £119 £104 £89 £74 £59 £45 £30 £15
Crew/W-surfer Senior Individual £96 £87 £79 £70 £61 £52 £44 £35 £26 £18 £9
Young Adult / Student/Social £60 £55 £50 £44 £38 £33 £27 £22 £16 £11 £5
Other items                      
Additional Dinghy Berth £68 £62 £56 £49 £43 £37 £31 £25 £18 £12 £6
Trailer storage £34 £31 £28 £24 £21 £18 £15 £12 £9 £6 £3
Windsurfer garage slot £55 £50 £45 £40 £35 £30 £25 £20 £15 £10 £5


(extract from club documentation)

Some next steps

  • Do you have some questions? Contact our friendly membership secretary Gail Jenkins – Tel: 07905 125 637
  • All ready to join? Download our application form below.
  • Want to look around? Call in to see us any weekend day from April to November or any Sunday all year round. Come to the clubhouse and ask someone to give you a tour.

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