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Laser (original) Timex 136085

Laser (original) Timex 136085

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John Mallows
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07982 924813
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Number 85 (hence sail number 136085) in the 100 ‘Timex’ Lasers built for the World Championships held in Britain in the late 80s. It was fitted to top spec, as far as the 'one class' rules allowed, and I presume it was at the favourable end of the weight range etc.

After the Worlds it was subsequently sailed just a few times in the sea and at South Cerney ever since.

The hull is in generally very good condition, especially given its age.  Sniff the bung hole and you get still get a whiff of glass fibre resin, not a damp cellar. Wear at the usual vulnerable places, such as front of the centre board housing, is relatively slight.  However a good scrub would do it proud and it looks inordinately scruffy because of the protective ‘bumper’ tape I stuck round the gunwale soon after acquiring it. But just think how pristine and unchipped it is underneath! The hull bottom in good nick as well.

The centre board has a repaired split and a small chunk missing. Serviceable - and an excuse for not being the leader of the racing fleet. And there is a slight kink in the Heath Robinson branded tiller and long extension.

Original sail is intact, but baggy & past winning any serious races. There’s a very little used new sail (but it might not be approved for national events). Plus a ‘Malden Sails’ radial rig (OK for club, but not national, racing). The original control set is supplemented by a little used  Malden version of the new style controls. Loads of good string, including a long lightweight mainsheet ideal for sailing by the lee.

In the cockpit the toe strap is recent, but the self bailer has a kink in its 'skewer' and lets in a bit of water until you get going. 

Very robust gunwale hung launching trolley needs a couple of new inner tubes – (which I plan to get).

Currently in berth 123.  Health issue forces sale.  No sensible offer refused. Silly offers will be as I need to fund new ventures.

I will get some pics posed ASAP, meanwhile take a look and/or phone 07982 924813,   John Mallows.


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