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UK Flying Fifteen Class

UK Flying Fifteen Class

The Flying 15 is a 20 foot (6 metre) keelboat developed over 50 years ago by the legendary Uffa Fox. Whilst it remains a one-design class, room has always been made for the latest developments in sailing technology so it remains an exciting and competitive class in which to compete.

With over 50 years worth of yachts in the fleet there are plenty of boats available to suit any depth of pocket. Obviously with improvements in build quality and design there is some difference in the performance between new and old boats so the fleet is split into Classic,Silver and Gold fleets with their individual PN numbers. However don't be fooled as many older classics remain competitive and often beat much newer boats. South Cerney Sailing Club caters mainly for Classic and Silver fleet boats, though a couple of Gold fleet boats have now joined us. In the main sailing season three series of class races are keenly contested. Pursuit and Handicap races also attract some Flying 15 support, particularly through the winter, also the Hot Dog series run on Wednesday evenings in the summer.


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