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Wednesday Sailing - Summer

Wednesday Sailing - Summer

Our sailing club is open 24/7 and as members we can use the facilities when we like, and we most definitely do! Wednesday sailing is very different from Saturdays. It is unstructured and in essence is just safety cover provided by the available parent volunteers. There is no organised help rigging, launching, landing, or packing up. That being said there are usually helpful folks around to give a hand. But parents do need to muck in (and maybe even go sailing too!). We know it’s not working well when someone is still on the beach at 8 or 9pm clearing up gear for those that have already left.


During these sessions the young sailors benefit from a very playful atmosphere that breeds confidence and competence.


Here are the guiedlines;

  • Any form of club sanctioned activity is welcomed – sailing, windsurfing, kayaks and paddle boards.
  • On the water the cadets must stay under the direction of the safety boat and remain roughly together so one safety boat can oversee the whole fleet.
  • There is no tuition. Cadets who can't helm shouldn’t be out on a Topper. Your call.
  • Boats are available on a first come first served basis. No reserving club boats. Take a note of any boat problems and report them to the bosun team or Cadet Captain at the end of the session.
  • Wednesday is Hotdog racing which means there is food available at the end of racing. It also means we need to steer clear of the racing when not participating.
  • Sessions are posted weekly on Teamstuff. Please indicate your attendance and in the text area of your response let us know if you want food.
  • If no-one is available to run the session it may be cancelled.

Please remember this is an extra ad hoc session each week and not an expected part of cadet or club membership and the session relies entirely on parents volunteering.


Parents are at liberty to arrange sailing at other times too. All we ask is that if you are launching safety boats then please post the approximate times on the cadet section of the club forum beforehand so that other cadets may join in too.


See you on the water.

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