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Racing tips

Racing tips

Here are a whole load of places that you can go to to get more information about sailing and racing your cadet.

RYA videos

The RYA recorded 6 videos that cover spinnaker work, tracking, gybing and accelerating.  These are all essential skills for any cadet sailor.  Hop over to their website if you want to learn from double olympic gold medallist, Shirley Robertson. Take a look at the Feva training videos, another double hander where the same principles apply.

Want a really good book?

The definitive guide to racing dinghies, covering boat setup and race strategy, is "Start to Win" by Eric Twiname.  Eric was a freelance yachting journalist, who also happened to be a brilliant GP14 and Laser sailor.  The sales from his book provide the funding for the Eric Twiname Trust, which is a major sponsor of junior sailing in the UK.

The science bit

Andrew Wallace has put together this guide, which explains how your Cadet sails work.  It explains to you why the sheets need to be pulled in, or let out, and why you need a kicker.  It is still work in progress, so keep coming back to see if there is a more recent version.

The windward mark

We all know that getting up to, and around, the windward mark is often where races are won and lost.  This excellent article covers all the racing rules that you need to know, as well as offering some "sniddly moves" to outwit your competitors.

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