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2014 Cadet Worlds

2014 Cadet Worlds


The Cadet World Promotional Championships 2014 were held in Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy the home of the 2012 Olympic Sailing venue. The venue boast superb facilities and those that are not selected for the World Team enter the World Promotional. Each country is allowed 7 World Team boats except for the host nation who are allowed 10 boats. This year we had entries from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland and one boat from Ukraine.

The World had 48 boats and the World Promos had 55 boats with the Australian Promo World Champion from 2013 and the Ukrainian World Champion 2013 making their appearances again.

SCSC Cadet Squadron were represented by Aliya/Aqil in "All is Swell" 9963 and Reece/Max in "Execelerator"  9382 - both boats enjoy the challenge of racing in big fleets and heavy winds. Click here for the latest pictures.

Friday 15 Aug 2014 - Measurements & Opening Ceremony

Friday saw measurements of the boats and foils followed by a practice race which took place outside th harbour wall a first for most of the sailors with a good breeze however, the recovery took a fair while as the boats had to beat back. After putting the boats away, the Cadets got ready for the Opening Ceremony which was a parade by nations followed by a flag raising by the attending countries. A surprise guest was Philippa Claire Wilson MBE is an English professional sailor; she won a gold medal in the Yngling sailing class in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, together with Sarah Webb and Sarah Ayton. The event was officially declared open followed by lots of socialising by both parents and cadets alike (including a few beers for the parents).

Saturday 16 Aug 2014 - Race Day 1

Race Day 1 was for 2 races outside the harbour wall and the weather started out sunny and wind of around 15knots which built up in the afternoon to 20knots and increased swell which proved a challenge for a lot of the Cadets.

The course was a sausage followed by a trapezoid which saw 2 long beats and two long runs with spinneys out with a short beat to the finish line. In Race 1 Aliya/Aqil had a good start and were 5th round the windward mark but after the leeward mark they like a lot of the other boats went the wrong way as the marks were blue and difficult to see in the distance. They rounded the windward 15th second time round and on the last run made up 3 places and following the final beat to the finishing line saw them finish 10th. Reece/Max had a good start but got caught up in dirty air and slowly lost places. They put up a good showing and finished 27th from a fleet of 55 boats.

Race 2 had stronger winds and both SCSC boats had a good start with Aliya/Aqil opting for the committee boat end and Reece/Max for the pin end.  Reece/Max finished 36th and Aliya/Aqil finished 6th.

So, after Race day 1, Aliya/Aqil are lying in 5th place and Reece/Max in 30th with more excitement to come as the winds are expected to pick up for race day 2.

Sunday 17 Aug 2014 - Race Day 2

The day was forecast to be windy and it lived up to expectations with winds gusting 28 knots and heavy rain showers going through. The racing was held within the harbour walls and the 2 races went ahead as planned with the shorter course there were 2 sausages folowed by the trapezoid. The conditions were challenging and similar to those at the Nationals the prior week. The racing took place inside the harbour walls due to the forecast strong winds.

In Race 3, Aliya/Aqil had a good start but unfortunately had a capsize and lost places from 5th to finish 22nd and Reece/Max finished 28th having had a couple of capsizes. In Race 4, the winds eased a little and Aliya/Aqil finished a respectable 5th with Reece/Max also doing better and finished 18th. After Day 2, Aliya/Aqil are lying 6th and Reec/Max are 28th.

Monday 18 Aug 2014 - Race Day 3

The forecast winds were for around 15knots and a fair day which it was. The racing took place outside in the bay and in race 5 Aliya/Aqil had a great start and rounded the windward 2nd and managed to hold that position for the course that included 3 long beats, 2 long runs, 2 reaches with spinneys and a short beat to finish.

Reece/Max also had a decent start and finished 17th as they have started to avoid doing a banana and point straight at the leeward mark after rounding the windward.

Race 6 was exciting as the top 10 boats changed leads as Aliya/Aqil rounded the windward in 15th position and on the second windward rounding, they were lying 2nd and  Reece/Max were half way in the fleet. The joy was short lived as although Aliya/Aqil fnished 2nd, they found themselve black flagged and found this was their discard. Reece/Max also found out they too were black flagged , infact a total of 11 boats were black flagged. Aliya/Aqil received a daily race prize for coming 2nd.

So after day 3, Aliya/Aqil are lying in 7th position and Reece/Max are 28th overall.

Tuesday 19th Aug 2014 - Race Day 4

Day 4  was to have been the lay-day and a well-earned rest for the sailors, some of whom had been on the water on each of the previous 10 days. As things turned out, with the schedule adjusted in response to the weather forecast, this was the longest day on the water so far.

For the first time in nearly two weeks of sailing the fleet launched into a light westerly wind and headed out into the bay, most picking up a tow from one of the armada of RIBs that accompanied them. Spirits remained high in the sunshine as everyone looked forward to a day that should be less physically taxing then what had come before.

After a postponement of about 45 minutes as the wind settled the Promo fleet got away at the first attempt 

As the middle of the Promotional Fleet came up to the finish line the wind began to die and the last few boats finished long after the rest of the fleet had finished their lunch on the water. The rain returned, the wind swung this way and that, and the patience of all of those afloat was tested for 2 hours before the decision to abandon the day's racing was taken at 3pm. Wednesday is now the lay-day and the forecast looks good for racing on Thursday and Friday. 

In Race 7 Aliya/Aqil came 25th and lying in 8th placeand Reece/Max  came in 30th and lying in 29th overall.

Wednesday 20th Aug 2014 - Race Day 5 - Lay Day

The lay day was expected to be a light winds day however it turned out to be a good sailing day - just shows that one can never predict precisely. Weymouth Carnival was on which most people attended and our cunning plan was to watch the planned Red Arrows from eymouth Bay directly under the centre line of the display. Tangerine Dream and 5 other ribs jetted off into the harbour ahead of the display time and had fish and chips and a quick liquid refreshment before going out to the bay.

A full set of Red Arrows pictures can be found here

Thursday 21st Aug 2014 - Race Day 6

For Race 8 the sailors were treated to a perfect course to go with the perfect conditions  as was Race 9 and 10 and in the Promotional fleet the racing has been tight all week with a very high standard of sailing throughout.

After Race 10, Aliya/Aqil were placed 11th overall because in Race 10 they were black flagged and luckily the next discard kicked in. Reece/Max  were 30th overall with Race 8 penalised for not doing turns and incurring 37 points when they actually came in 11th. 

Friday 22nd Aug 2014 - Race Day 7

After the perfect conditions of 'Big Thursday' the final day of the Cadet World Championships at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy always threatened to be an anti-climax. It certainly looked that way for a while as a fickle breeze postponed Race 11 for over 2 hours, but once it started racing was every bit as intense and competitive as it had been on the previous day. 

All SCSC sailors did really well in Race 11with Aliya/Aqil 25th round the winward whereas Reece/Max had a superb start and were 6th. After 12 races Aliya/Aqil finished 8th after coming 11th and 4th in the final two races. Reece/Max finshed 29th overall after putting in a really good performance coming 18th and 11th.

The evening closing ceremony was a great event with prizes for the top 10 for both the Worlds and Promotionals. I had managed to arrange for the Red Arrows to do a flypast which went down a storm.

Red Arrows Flypast - Closing Ceremony

Click here for the flypast video

Well done to Aliya, Aqil, Reece and Max for representing SCSC and putting in a fantastic performance.



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