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2014 Cadet Nationals

2014 Cadet Nationals

The Cadet Nationals started on Saturday 9th Aug with 71 Gold and Silver Fleet competitors and 16 Bronze fleet competitors. Ten races were planned in total with 2 planned for Sat, 3 for Sun, 3 for Mon asnd 2 for Tues. As with all great plans, the weather plays a major part, either too little wind and as in this event too much wind with the help of the dying Hurricane Bertha all the way from the USA.

The SCSC team were

Gold/Silver Fleet

Aliya & Aqil Jannaty - All is Swell 9963

Reece Lane & Max Buswell - Execelerator 9382

Hannah Goodrich & Fran Neale - Wave Rider 7274

Tima Malikov & Emma Sowden - V3 8402

Bronze Fleet

Harry & Alice Folkard - Execalibur 9305

Felix Bowers and Lewis Tull - Sullom Voe 7231

Sat 9th Aug

Saturday started off windy but manageable and the race officer decided to add an extra race so 3 in total as the forecast weather for Sunday was for 30 - 45 mph winds and rain. A trapeziod course was set with the Gold/Silver fleet doing 1 sausage followed by the trapeziod and the Bronze fleet starting 5 mins after the main fleet and doing just the trapeziod.

Competition was stiff on both courses and the results were:

Gold/Silver Fleet

Position Helm Crew R1 R2 R3
14 Aliya Aqil 8 32 15
43 Reece Max 50 42 35
49 Hannah Fran 53 49 43
58 Tima Emma 56 60 56

Bronze Fleet

Position Helm Crew R1 R2 R3
1 Harry Alice 2 1 1
10 Felix Lewis 9 15 9

Harry and Alice won the daily race prizes for coming 1st twice in one day. Can you tell that they are happy from the picture below?:

Sun 10th Aug

The remains of Hurricane Bertha provided the rain and winds as predicted and racing was abandoned to the delight of most cadets (and parents) and in the evening the SCSC Team managed a lovely night out with pizzas all round.

Mon 11th Aug

Monday was just as exciting as Sunday in terms of the winds and the race officer decided to go for it  with the Gold and Silver fleets only. The winds were around 35mph at times which took its toll on the cadets especially the more inexperienced sailors and all safety boats were kept extremely busy. Tima and Emma had a capsize on the start line and never managed to recover and had to retire. Hannah and Fran too suffered a similar fate after a capsize and had to retire. They must be extremely proud to have had a go as many of the Gold fleet boats retired much earlier. Reece/Max and Aliya/Aqil survived and managed to complete both race 4 & 5.

The results after 5 races (1 discard kicked in) are:

Gold/Silver Fleet

In Race 4,  30 boats retired and in Race 5, 37 boats retired. 

Position Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
13 Aliya Aqil 8 (32) 15 18 16
37 Reece Max (50) 42 35 35 26
56 Hannah Fran 53 49 43 (72 retd) 72 retd
65 Tima Emma 56 60 56 (72 DNS) 72 retd

Bronze Fleet

No Bronze fleet boats raced in Race 4 & Race 5

Position Helm Crew R1 R2 R3
1 Harry Alice 2 1 1
10 Felix Lewis 9 15 9

Tues 12th Aug

No respite in the heavy winds although a little lighter at 20-25mph and the sailors struggled with the wind and chop. It was heartening to see the sailors enthusiastic to get back on the water after a tough few days.

Gold/Silver Fleet

Aliya and Aqil had a nasty capsize in R6 while trying to avoid a sailor in the water whilst flying their spinney. They eventually managed get going again but it cost them places and ended the race in 50th place. Tima/Emma and Hannah/Fran also got the capsize bug in the last race and had to retire whereas Reece/Max combo managed to stay upright - well done.

Position Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8
14 Aliya Aqil 8 32 15 18 16 (50) 14 25
39 Reece Max 50 42 35 35 26 44 (52) 42
64 Hannah Fran 53 49 43 (72 retd) 72 retd 59 55 72 retd
69 Tima Emma 56 60 56 (72 DNS) 72 retd 64 62 72 retd

Bronze Fleet

Harry and Alice the brother and sister team continued their superb sailing by taking 1st place in the remaining 3 races and overall 1st place in the Bronze fleet. Felix and Lewis continued to show shear tenacity by trying their best and came 9th in the last race even though they retired in R7 & R8.

The Bronze Fleet Winners: Harry and Alice


Position Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6
1 Harry Alice 2 1 1 1 1 1
12 Felix Lewis 9 15 9 (18 retd) 18 retd 9
Full results can be found here

In summary, well done to all SCSC sailors in particular to Harry and Alice for their fantastic result and all our sailors can be proud of their achievement in such challenging conditions.

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