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Prize Giving and Tudor Feast

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29 Nov 18:30 to 22:00

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Prize Giving and Tudor Feast

A fantastic end to a year's sailing at the club.

Have you won a trophy? Then come and support this social.

A Tudor Feast involves a large number of dishes with several 'removes'. There will be no need to eat much on the day of the feast! There will be some ale & wine on the tables - all included in the ticket price. There will be nonalcoholic drinks for those under 18 years old and for drivers!

Fancy dress is not required.

Please note that due to limited space tickets will be limited and all attending must participate in the feast. 

Tickets cost £20 per adult and £12.50 for under 14 year olds.  Tickets can be bought online using the options on the right hand side of this page.  All tickets must be booked by 15th November 2014. Cadets are able to buy tickets at the child price, to include a suitable drink.

For Cadets there are a few 'servers' tickets available. Servers are expected to deliver dishes to the tables and take any requests the guests may have. They will eat separately, during the prize giving. These tickets are FREE. In order to book a servers ticket, Cadets need to contact Pam directly to confirm they are some places still available.

For further details please contact Pam Weeks. or 01793 762962

Please contact Pam if you have any special dietary requirements, eg vegetarian etc

Sorry but tickets are non-refundable.

Please note that tickets are only available to members.  Make sure that you login to the website before trying to purchase tickets.


Contact Name Tickets Status Paid
Andrew Appleton 2 Complete Y
Andrew Wallace 2 Complete Y
Andy Shaw 2 Complete Y
Barry Medwell 1 Complete Y
Chris Jeffries 1 Complete Y
Chris Williams 2 Complete Y
David Pocock 2 Pending Y
Dean Hall 2 Pending N
Derek Harrison 1 Complete Y
Guy Lonsdale 1 Pending N
Ian Buswell 1 Complete Y
Jackie Vale 1 Complete Y
Jo Neale 1 Complete Y
Jo Neale 1 Complete Y
John Harvey 1 Pending N
Liz Macdonald 1 Pending N
Malcolm Stone 2 Complete Y
Max Buswell 2 Complete Y
Pam Weeks 1 Pending N
Paul kimmens 1 Pending N
Richard Farrant 1 Complete Y
Sophie Lloyd 1 Pending Y
Vernon Perkins 2 Pending N
William Farrant 1 Complete Y
Yunus Jannaty 2 Complete Y

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