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Our trophy cabinet

As the 2017 season draws to a close, check out who's won what through the season....



Trophy Namesort descending Image Description Recent Winners
420 Trophy

Donated by Andrew & Jo Wallace in 2014 for the 420 Open Meeting

Awarded in 2016 for the 420 Team Racing Series

2016 Ian Bartlett's Team
2014 Will McMahon

Albacore Open

Albacore Open Trophy

First Awarded:1980

Donated by Mike Weeks in 1980

2017: Judy & Paul Armstrong (Scaling Dam)
2016: Judy & Paul Armstrong (Scaling Dam)
2015: Judy & Paul Armstrong (Scaling...

Aline Trophy - Junior

The Aline Junior trophy, part of the Cannon series

2016 Not Contested
2015 Ali Wallace
2014 Aliya & Aqil Jannaty
2013 Catriona Wallace
2011 Hannah...

Aline Trophy - Senior

Awarded to the Senior winner of the Aline Trophy Day, part of the Coot series

Part of club history since 1959.

Initially raced at the Whitsun Regatta

2016 Andy Miles
2015 Andy Miles
2014 Guy Lonsdale
2013 Andy Miles
2012 Andy Miles
2011 Andy Miles
2010 Matt...

Asymmetric Open Junior Trophy

Awarded to the highest placed junior in the Asymmetric open.  Donated by the SCSC Asymmetric class in 2011.

No junior helms 2013 - 2016

Asymmetric Open Trophy

Awarded to the winner of the Asymmetric Open, donated by SCSC Asymmetric Class 2011

2016: Jeremy Symons (Llandegfedd SC)
2015: Alex & Lewis Frost (ex-SCSC)
2014 Alistair & Matt Sim (SCSC)
2013 Toby &...

Attendance Award

For the Cadet sailor who attends the most Saturday sessions over the season.

2017 Francesca Neale
2016 Francesca Neale
2015 Not awarded
2014 Francesca Neale & Lewis Tull
2013 Rowan Connolly...

Autumn Trophy

Cadet helm and crew who achieve the lowest points score over the 3rd and 4th (August and September) race days.

2016 Not sailed
2015 Not sailed
2014 Felix & Jack Bowers
2013 Aliya & Aqil Jannaty
2012 Hannah Goodrich &...

Best Beginner Cadet Crew

Best new Cadet crew in their first year of crewing

2017 Olivia McMorris
2016 Woody Black
2015 Ethan Miller
2014 Florence Hawker
2013 Emma Sowden
2012 Poppy Redfern...

Best Beginner Cadet Helm

Best new Cadet helm in their first year of helming

2017 Ethan Millar
2016 Peter Oswell
2015 Oscar Ballentyne
2014 Francesca Neale
2013 Tima Malikov
2012 Tom Hynes...

Best Home Cadet Crew

A successful Cadet crew who does not, or is not able to, compete away from the club

2017 Will Salmon
2016 Emilia Hampton
2015 Olivia Ballentyne
2014 Olivia & Oscar Ballentyne
2013 Rueben Tinto

Best Home Cadet Helm

A successful Cadet helm who does not, or is not able to, compete away from the club

2017 Olivia Ballentyne
2016 Fran Neale
2015 Felix Bowers
2014 Rowan Connolly
2013 Harry Folkard
2012 Lizzy Wall...

Boanas Shield

Awarded to the winner of the General Handicap Autumn Points series

2016: Chris Jeffries
2015: Chris Jeffries
2014: Liz Macdonald

Bosun's Bell

The senior Bosun's Bell

Part of club history since 1971

2016: Alex Frost
2015: Andy Miles
2014: David Pocock

Bosun's Bell (Junior)

Bosun's Bell junior trophy

2016 Not Contested
2015: Ali Wallace
2014: Aliya & Aqil Jannaty

Brass Monkey Cup

Part of Club History since 1975

Awarded in recent years to the winner of the Frostbite Series

From 2015 to be awarded to the Gentleman Runner Up

2016: Chris Jeffries
2015: Mike Weeks

Winner Frostbite Series
2014: Andy Miles

Cadet Class Captain's Medals

Introduced in the first time in 2017

Awarded at the sole discretion of the Class Captain, to recognise perseverance, ability, attitude and/or general contibutions


2017: Elisa Power; Thomas Pontet; Peter Oswell; Barry Bells; Jacob Wynn; Olivia Hedges; Jonty Conway; Jemima McMorris

Cadet Trophy Shield

Previously awarded for the Cadet Autumn points from 2002 to 2012. Not currently in use

2011 Louisa Coxson & Emma Quekett

Calor Gas Shield

Awarded for the General Handicap spring points series

2016: Chris Jeffries
2015: Dave Chadwick
2014: Liz Macdonald
2013: Peter Weatherhead

Cannon Trophy

Winner of the junior club championship. Awarded since 1994, although the trophy has been part of club history since 1964 (Enterprise class).

2016: Fran Neale & Emilia Hampton
2015 Ali Wallace
2014 Ali Wallace
2013 Catriona Wallace

Charles Turtle

Charles Turtle Trophy

Part of club history since 1969

2017: Ian Bartlett
2016: Guy Lonsdale
2015: Andy Miles
2014: Andy Miles

Chelmay Trophy (Charles Turtle Junior)

The Chelmay Trophy has been in use in the club since at least 1967. It has been used for the 'Cadet Helmsman of the Year' and also for the Cadet Chelmay Series up to 2007.

From 2016 it will be presented to the Junior Winner of the Charles Turtle Trophy Day, as the original trophy for this event has been lost

2017: Not contested
2016: Not Contested
2015: Not contested

Chilli Dog Plaque

Awarded to the runner-up in the Chilli Dog Personal Handicap Series from 2006, then to the winner of this series from 2015

Donated by Mike Weeks

2017: Oscar Ballantyne
2016 Chris Jeffries
2015: John Harvey & Barry Medwell

Colburn Trophy

The Colburn Trophy has been in the club since around 1961, originally awarded for Enterprise Class racing,  then for the Cadet Colburn Series from 1988 - 2009

In 2015, awarded to the Junior winner of the Old George Trophy Day, part of the Cannon Series, the original trophy for this event having been lost.

Not awarded since 2016 as the Junior Old George trophy resurfaced...!

2016 Max Buswell & William Farrant
2015 Ali Wallace

Commodore's Cup

Awarded at the discretion of the Commodore

2016: John Wood
2015: Pam Weeks
2014: Chris Williams
2013: Chris Williams
2012: David Pocock
2011: Paul Kimmens...


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