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South Cerney SC Clean Sweep

South Cerney Sailing Club Solo’s clean sweep in the National Solo Class Association Western Series. The competition consists of 10 events held at different clubs all around the South West of England throughout the year.  This year 2015, South Cerney SC celebrated its diamond jubilee year by winning all of the awards, a clean sweep.  Andy Miles won the series with a 2 point advantage over Guy Lonsdale and Vernon Perkins took third. A total of 106 sailors took part in the series during the year. In addition we also won the Team Award, a new addition to the trophies available this year.

The series started at a very windy Bristol Corinthians Yacht Club at Axbridge, Somerset on 18th April where even Andy needed support from the safety boat, and culminated in the open event at South Cerney last weekend 3rd October where there was virtually no wind at all. In travelling around the region we met and made friends with many helms at some beautiful clubs where the racing was well managed and fair, no rule 42 indiscretions to my memory.

This result reinforces the strength of the Solo fleet at South Cerney and already, spurred on by the results of this year, the South Cerney Solo Sailing Team are planning to do it all again in 2016. It helped of course being great fun with loads of banter to motivate the best out of each other, I recall being warned that I would be dropped from the team during lunch at one event to then go out and get a 4th and 5th, it worked.

Next up is the Natioanl Solo Class Associations End Of Season national championship event at Oxford on 24th October where the racing will be extremly competitive with the elite of the Solo class doing their stuff then a presentation event directly after.

If you want to take part in 2016 then keep an eye open for the dates of the events when they are announced in the near future and come along.

Vernon Perkins

Solo Fleet Captain, South Cerney Sailing Club.

"The photo, courtesy of Mr Dave Whittle, shows the three amigos Andy Miles (5611), Guy Lonsdale (5469) and Vernon Perkins (5282) at a hardly wind swept South Cerney."

Vernon Perkins

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