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Cadets at the Parkstone 2nd Indicator

What a weekend at Parkstone.  Saturday blew "old boots" ranging from a force 5 gusting 7, resulting in safety teams having lots of customers - hence the lack of photos from the first day.  Sunday was much nicer, with both sun and a steady sea breeze building into the afternoon.

Congratulations to Hannah and Poppy for winning the bronze fleet.  With 2 bullets and a 2nd, they were clear winners, and on their way into the silver fleet I guess!

In the gold and silver fleet we had a variety of individual successes.  Aliya and Aqil were our highest place pair, with a very consistent performance across all the races - lucky 13th overall.  Sophie and Lewis finished a tremendous 3rd in one race, but weren't able to reproduce it to build a series of the same quality.  Reece and Max did really well posting two 16ths and a 17th, finishing them 27th overall.  This was a really impressive result for this relatively new team!  A special mention goes to Francesca Neale for diving in at the deep end, with her first day of her first away event sailing in a force 5-6, occasional 7, and coming off the water with a smile on her face, eventhough she went swimming several times. Clearly made of strong stuff!

Lets hope for more weekends like this during the season!  Sun, wind and racing is a great combination.

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Andrew Wallace

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