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Would You Like To Choose Your Own Duties? YOU CAN!

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Would You Like To Choose Your Own Duties? YOU CAN!

Many have, but lots of duty slots still remain available: and you only have until the end of January before they’re allocated for you.  The choice is rapidly reducing, so now's the time to get it done, before someone else grabs your favourite slot. You can see how many duties are still available by going to the Home Page and hovering over 'Club Duty Status'.  But you will be need to be logged on. To find out how, and how to choose duties, look at my information box at the end of this newsletter.

We really shouldn't laugh, but when our Vice Commodore manages to lock himself in the garage, and has to resort to sending out an SOS on his radio, it's hard not to.  Note to Paul - Check you exit door is open before locking the garage doors.
That aside - what a fantastic mornings sailing.  With a beautiful blue sky, and really strong winds, eight brave sailors ventured out and the racing was brilliant. Another group (myself included) were happy to sit in the clubhouse, and offer invaluable advice to those on the water.  Such a shame they couldn't hear. 
A reminder from Liz, that a number of trophies remain to be collected.  They're available from the clubhouse on Sunday mornings. 

Selecting Sailing Club Duties

  1. Search for, and open the  ’South Cerney Sailing Club’ website. This brings up the home screen, but the 'members' area will not be available.
  2. Towards the top, right hand corner, click on ‘Login’
  3. If already registered, enter your email and password.  (If you’ve forgotten your password, click ‘request new password’, enter your email address, and a new password will automatically be emailed to you).  The 'members' area will now be available.
  4. Select the "Duties" option from the "Members" menu
  5. Click on the "Roster" filter and select the appropriate option. Most will choose ‘Club’ for main club duties. If you are a member of the Cadet Squadron, choose ‘Cadets’.  They are not interchangeable. For purposes of the main duty list, ignore the other options
  6. Select the month you want to view, and click 'View'
  7. Click on the duty you want and press the "Volunteer" button - the duty will be updated with your name against it.
  8. If you make a mistake, you can remove yourself from a duty by clicking on the red text and pressing the "Remove" button
  9. You need to select four half day duties, but some are full day and count as two. This will be shown after you select a duty, but before you confirm it.

If, after trying this, you find that you are still having difficulties logging in, or have concerns that you don’t have a login, please contact Andrew Wallace at  He will do his best to help

Happy Sailing


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