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Winter training part 2 - Saturday 7th March

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Winter training part 2 - Saturday 7th March

Just a quick note to remind everyone that tomorrow is the second of two winter training days that we are running for Cadets.  Ed Impey is your coach tomorrow, ably assisted by Sophie.  As Ed is a visiting, and very experienced, coach please make sure that you are on time - he doesn't want to hang around waiting for you!

I will be opening the club house at 9am, and the briefing will start at 10am sharp - make sure that you are rigged and ready (that means that your boat is rigged, you are changed and ready to go sailing - not that your boat is on its trailer and your sailing kit is still in your kit bag!).  If anyone wants me to look at their kicker, after last weekends coaching, please allow time for this and arrive a little earlier.

Don't be fooled by the fact that the sun will be out.  It is going to be windy and cold.  The water is still pretty cold, and you need to make sure that you have the right clothing, just in case you go swimming.  At this time of year it still means drysuits or full length wetsuits, hats & gloves and something warm for your feet.

I am not sure what Ed has planned for you, so just be ready for anything surprise

In the morning I am able to spend some time with any parent who wants to learn more about Cadets.  We can cover rigging, practical stuff like sail setting, spinnaker handling, sailing clothing and where to get it... - in fact, I will be very happy to just try and answer any questions that you have about this sport of ours.

I look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow.

Keep the dry side up!


Andrew Wallace

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