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Winter coaching and season start

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Winter coaching and season start

Well the season start is rapidly approaching, and it will soon be time for all Cadets to dust off your sailing kit and unpack your boats!  You can perhaps start now if you have a chance during your half term holidays!

As a reminder, we are running 2 winter training days for Cadets on Saturday 28th February and Saturday 7th March.  Sophie Goodrich and I will be your coaches over the two days, and we intend to spend some time covering subjects like starting, sailing to windward, tacking and gybing and spinnaker work.  If you plan to take part, make sure that you have either a full length wetsuit or drysuit - the water is still cold, even when the sun is out.  Please be at the clubhouse at 9am sharp so that we can pair sailors up and allocate boats.  I expect that we will finish at around 4:30pm.

Tony has loaded extra duties for these 2 days on the website that need filling.  They are not part of the regular season, and do not count towards the 6 duties that most of you have already signed up for.  If you plan to take part of the above 2 days, please can you help out buy also volunteering for some of the vacant duties.  There are 8 duties still open over the 2 days at present.

All of the club boats have been repaired over the winter, at a total cost of close to £900.  I noticed yesterday that there was also some damage to the deck of the new boat (Gromit) which went unreported that is not included in these costs.  Yesterday I spent (with the help of Catriona, Ali and Jo) about 3 hours going over the boats to make sure that they were all in working order.  The list of missing shackles, jib sheets, spinnaker sheets and broken wind indicators is extensive and will cost the Cadets over £100.  I have two requests of Cadets for 2015:

  1. Please can you treat the club cadets as if they were your own.  This means that they need to be taken care of during the day and put away as you find them in the morning.
  2. If there is anything broken, lost or missing please report it to the bosun team (initially contact Jeremy Folkard) so that we can arrange for a fix/replacement

We will be putting bow fenders on all the club cadets this year, but even once they are installed, I want to remind you that sailing is a non-contact sport!

The first day of the main Cadet season is 4th April.  If you are not planning on taking part in the winter sailing, I hope to see you all then.

Enjoy the rest of your half term and keep the dry side up!


Andrew Wallace

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