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Cold: What Cold

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Cold: What Cold


The Chilli Dog series certainly lived up to its name today, with the eleven boats competing being greeted with cold, clear conditions and a wind force 2 gusting to 3. So everyone wrapped up with as many layers as possible. The sun shone bright, and it turned out pretty warm. Ali and Catriona Wallace set two good courses for the day. Poey and Blair shared the honours. The rivalry is back on.


And for those who prefer to stay at home until the warmer weather, why not spend a few minutes freshening up on the racing rules.

There’s an excellent free interactive game available on the web, that helps us understand them in an easy and enjoyable way. It’s been produced by someone called Uli Finckh, who’s very highly regarded in Germany, and an international expert on rules. There’s no registration, no advertising, no catch. He’s produced this, purely to enhance understanding and appreciation of the rules. It’s even useful for those who enjoy social cruising. You may not need to understand everything, but it's helpful to know the basics. They're in the easy section. I explain how to access it in the information box at the end.


Remember that you have until the end of January to sign up for your duties. After that, they will be allocated for you. Check last week’s newsletter for details on how to do this.


A reminder from Liz, that a number of trophies remain to be collected. They're available from the clubhouse on Sunday mornings.

If you want 'Play The Rules':

  • Google ‘Finckh’,  and open ‘Regelspiel Uli Finckh
  • Click on the union Jack for the English language version.
  • Try clicking on the different options – 'The situations by number' – 'Quiz all levels of difficulty' – 'Easy, Medium, Difficult' or ‘From Start to Finish’. In each case, you’ll be given a scenario, and asked to choose the correct answer.
  • Click on OK and you’ll be given the answer, an explanation of the rule, and links for more details.
  • It will only run if you have flash player loaded, and it doesn't work well on a pad. But it's brilliant.

Happy Sailing


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