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Cadet Squadron Preparation for Cadet Season Start on 12 April 2014

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Cadet Squadron Preparation for Cadet Season Start on 12 April 2014

Dear Cadets and Cadet Parents

It is unbelievable that February is upon us and soon we will be starting our 2014 Cadet season. To ensure everything goes smoothly for the season, there is some preparation to do. We will need your support (Cadets and Parents alike) to get the Cadet section all set to go  - more details below.

Cancellation of Pre-Season Training in March

The pre-season training I had planned for in March is cancelled as the Club may not have sufficient ribs available to provide safety cover. This is a disappointment to many but the effort behind the scenes by main club members to replace the stolen engines is substantial and therefore will take time.

Cadet Parent Duties

Tony Goodrich will be issuing links to Dutyman (a great piece of software for managing duties) that will have Cadet duties that need filling. He will provide detailed instructions and each family will have to volunteer for 5 duties (initially to cover fom 12 April to 31 Aug) -  if you are Powerboat 2 (PB2) qualified then you must first volunteer for 3xSafety Boat1 duties before others.

If you are not planning on any away events like Indicators, please volunteer for duties during these event dates as many SCSC families may be away attending these events - this will save last minute swapping of duties. The list of away events can be found here.

Working Weekend 22 & 23 Feb

The Club have a working weekend on 22 & 23 February. This is an excellent time to get the Cadet Squadron all ship shape. The following is an initial to do list:

1 Identify boat spares to buy - I can buy them at the Dinghy Show if I have a list
2 Tidy up the cadet shed
3 Tie downs need sorting out - sort out water logged areas
4 Check over Snow Patrol
5 Make an inventory and tag SCSC Cadet trolleys 
6 Develop admin paperwork eg. Responsible Adult checklist
7 Anything else we can think of on the day

We need as many people to pop along. The more people we have the quicker we can finish - we need Cadets to rig the boats to check what is broken or missing so we can get them replaced. Look out for the Main Club newsletters as we we will use their start times.

Bouyancy Testers

Several Parents have indicated that they would like to become Bouyancy Testers. I will liaise with Andrew Wallace to provide some training - the plan is to teach and then to practice on the club boats to identify which are good to use at away events (a valid bouyancy test certificate is mandatory for UKNCCA events). Also, those that have their own boats, we will organise preset dates when we will do mass bouyancy tests to save potential short notice tests.

Table Top Sales

Cadets have a habit of outgrowing their expensive sailing kit so we should organise table top sales whereby we can sell outgrown sailing kit for the benefit of all. I propose the 1st Cadet table top sale to be held on Sat 19th April. Can someone please volunteer to run this. I suggest a contribution of £5 per family selling items payable to the Cadet Squadron on the day.

Defrosting of Cadet Freezer

The Cadet freezer needs defrosting which is done during the working weekend (22 Feb). Can someone kindly volunteer some freezer space to store Cadet food until the freezer has defrosted. I will check next weekend how much food there is. May be easier for someone living nearby.

Cadet Sailing Programme

The Cadet sailing programme has been entered into the SCSC Calendar and the online calendar will be kept up to date - please check this as any paper copies may go out of date.

Cadet Club Boats

Nigel Potter, the South Cerney based boat repairer has fixed Top Notch and is now back at SCSC. He has looked over all the club boats and all are good to sail. We will be requesting all Cadets who use club boats to respect them as if it were their own. I will be refreshing everyone on the insurance position for club boats on 12 April. Basically, at fault Helm using a club boat is liable for the first £50 of damage - this include careless damage.

Cadet Fleet Forums

Andrew Wallace has provided a great facility to have forums based on fleets when he designed and developed the new website. We have Cadet Fleet Forum pages (click here). We can use these pages in many ways such as  cadets to discuss sailing, organise socials, boat faults and conditions, to do list, organise away events etc. This forum is for everyone to use and anyone to set up and start using new threads/discussions. Please start using it.


The Cadet World Championship is being held at Weymouth between 14 - 22 Aug. To run this Championship takes a lot of effort and money and therefore requires sponsorship. They have a Square Rigger support scheme whereby a company can purchase one of the squares on the supporters page for just £250 and they will add your company logo and create a link to your website. The UKNCCA also requires a main sponsor so please consider asking you company and/or clients if they would like to be part of a fantastic event either as a main sponsor or purchasing a square. More informatin can be found here.

That's it folks.


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