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Another cracking sailing day!

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Another cracking sailing day!

Dear All,

The threat of winds gusting to Bft force 6 seemed to have no deterrent effect on another twenty-plus turnout for the penultimate morning of the Frostbite Series. Although the biggest gusts failed to appear there was plenty of fun to be had planing the plentiful reaches. As promised in the last email, I was as good as my word and let a number of people beat me while pretending to try hard. You are welcome! (I'm expecting payback next week or next series.) Normally at this point I would thank the race officer, but frankly I don't want to encourage him in any way at all. Thanks however to Sue and the valiant rescue boat team.

Speaking of the next series, the small-print of the Birkett-Weatherhead personal handicap method for the brilliant upcoming Chilli Dog Series has now been finalised and I've attached it and a poster here. There is a sign-on sheet for duties in the usual place in the clubhouse so please get your names down. The toughest slots to fill are the soup duties so if you want to make a bunch of winter sailors eternally in your debt you know what to do.

Very big winds, indeed, did make their presence felt earlier in the week, blowing five boats off their trailers. Much thanks are owed to Gary and Sven who sorted out as much as they could, but anyone with a boat still in the boat park (many of you) would be well advised to visit asap and check your boat and its tie-down.

Paul and Sven continue in their mission to turn our club into the most technically advanced in the ... well, world (probably) and have now added a user-friendly interface and software for reading Word, PowerPoint and Excel files all accessed through the touchscreen. Paul is currently working on some instructions and then it will be good to go to replace noticeboards, to access our club website, for internal and external training presentations, and for impressing the hell out of visitors and potential members. The last is a (rare) serious point - our clubhouse, grounds and website are our best assets in creating a good first impression. Losing the sometimes tatty noticeboards (with some honorable exceptions) in favourable of rapidly accessing all information online will make a good visual contribution. 

And a final reminder of the AGM next week starting at 2.00pm. 

All best ... David (Poey) Pocock

David Pocock

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