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The Solo fleet has a full training programme with multiple organised training events again in 2016.

Postponed (new date to follow) 9:30 am, Charlie Cumbley, click here to check him out, of North Sails, Solo sailing Guru and current Solo National Champion amongst the loads of other titles he has won, is visiting SCSC to provide some training in how to rig your North Sail.  It is a shore based course of about 2 to 3 hours concentrating on rigging and setting.

2nd April 2016, Phil Milanes and Andy Miles have voulenteered to conduct a get on the water training course.  This will include on water training, weather permitting of course.

24th September 2016, Leon Ward from the RYA wll be conducting a training course just 1 week ahead of the SCSC Solo Open.  As normal this will be on an aspect/s of sailing dependent on the people attending.

Remember we want you all out racing in the Club Solo Open event on 1st October 2016.

Solo Sessions Training
I hope that these Sessions will encourage more Solo's to get onto the lake, they don't like being left tied up in the grass it is not their natural habitat.
Note these Sessions are meant to be a little less formal, less intensive and most of all fun. But from past experience there are some that will be going for it.
Firstly I hope that some of our experienced sailors will be on hand to help those not so knowledgeable with boat rigging and set up.
The Solo Sessions are primarily time on the water and involve sailing very short single lap courses, lots of them. 
Try to buddy up with another Solo and understand the balance of your boat, are you sitting in the right place etc.
Try things you wouldn't normally do in a race for fear of it being too costly.
Please note I am opening these Solo Sessions to the rest of the club to join us.  Initial indication are we may get some Handicap guys, Chris Jefferies etc.  It will make things more interesting I believe. Just don't beat them too much.
Aim to be on the water by 11:00.
12th March, (there is also a PB 1&2 course to be aware of)
21st May (conflicts with the Chew Valley SC Open event)(there is an RYA Dinghy course on to be aware of)
25th June (there is an RYA Dinghy course on to be aware of)
23rd July (there is an RYA Dinghy course on to be aware of)
20th August (there is an RYA Dinghy course on to be aware of)
15th October (there is also a PB 1&2 course to be aware of)

Our training is also supported by technology.  As a club we have invested a lot of time and energy in the introduction of TackTracker to analyse helm and boat performance on the water.  Most of the Solo fleet and many helms from other fleets, carry the GPS Tarckers and the files are uploaded to the club based IT system.  This allows us all to analyse our performance individually and in comparison to others, in the club over a pint or the comfort of your own home, whether during training events or any of the races.  It is noted that those carrying GPS's have all improved their performance this year.  GPS units are available from the Club if required for training purposes.

In addition there are many good training articles and resources available.  Some are listed below:

The training sessions are always very rewarding with some great tips on boat setup, and lots of individual help in a wide range of areas, from a number of our more experienced members.

The training sessions are a great way to improve skills, but they are also a great way for new members to get to know others in the fleet, and to integrate fully on a week by week basis. This is what leads to the friendly rivalry within the fleet that makes club racing so competitive and enjoyable.

Come along and find out what we are all about. 

Contact the Fleet Captain, Vernon Perkins to arrange a visit.


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