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Whilst South Cerney Sailing Club (SCSC) promotes all forms of sailing, Racing is a very important feature on the calendar.  The very healthy racing scene carries on throughout the year, wind permitting. With Handicap racing (Saturday pm), Class racing (Sunday am) and Pursuit races (Sunday pm) every weekend, Handicap racing on Wednesday evening and Kite Runners on Friday evenings from March to November and the aptly named Frostbite and Chilli Dog series (Sunday am) throughout the autumn and winter months there is plenty to involve all sailor’s.

SCSC holds an annual open event which also hosts the final round of the Western Series for the National Solo Association.  In 2015 this is scheduled for Saturday 3rd October.  In 2014 24 Solos entered including 10 visitors.  The racing was close and final results: 1st James Ross, Hamble River Sailing Club, 2nd Guy Lonsdale, SCSC and 3rd Andy Miles, SCSC.  It was so good to welcolme so many really good national level Solo Helm to the club.  The full results are included below.

The results from 2014 listed below highlight just how successful the fleet is:-

The Coot Trophy winner and Club Champion for 2015 is Andy Miles

  • Coot Trophy (Club Championship):  1st Andy Miles, Solo; 2nd Mike Round, Solo; 3rd Liz Macdonald, Europe; 4th Vernon Perkins, Solo; with 18 Solos out of 51 entrants.
  • Aline Trophy:  1st Guy Lonsdale, Solo; 2nd Andy Miles, Solo; 3rd Mike Weeks, Solo; with 8 Solos out of 16 entrants.
  • Bosuns Bell Trophy:  1st David Pocock, Solo; with 2 Solos out of 7 entrants.
  • Charles Turtle Trophy: 1st Andy Miles, Solo; 2nd Liz Macdonald, Europe; 3rd Mike Round, Solo; with 4 Solos out of 6 entrants.
  • Corinium Cup:  1st Andy Miles, Solo; with 14 Solos out of 45 entrants.
  • Stradling Trophy:  1st Andy Miles, Solo; 2nd Mike Round, Solo; with 8 Solos out of 11 entrants.
  • Talbot Cup:  1st Guy Lonsdale, Solo; 2nd Andy Miles, Solo; 3rd Mike Round, Solo; with 7 Solos out of 17 entrants.
  • Old George Trophy:  1st Andy Miles, Solo; 2nd Mike Round, Solo; 3rd Vernon Perkins, Solo; with 4 Solos out of 9 entrants.

And this year saw the first Bart Bash, run as first race of the Corinium Cup, with 1st Place Blair Jamieson, Solo, by a few inches from Andy Miles in 2nd.

All except for 1 Senior 2014 Trophy is now sitting proudly in a Soloist’s trophy cabinet. Well done to Liz Macdonald, Europe, for taking the Olympic Trophy.

In addition to the Solo Class taking most of the silverware the success continued through most of the general racing series run throughout the year.

  • Frost Bite Series, 1st Andy Miles, Solo; 2nd Guy Lonsdale, Solo.
  • Hot Dogs (Wednesday Evening), 1st Andy Shaw, Solo.
  • Spring Handicap, 1st Chris Jeffries, Solo; 2nd Mike Round, Solo; 3rd Vernon Perkins, Solo.
  • Summer Handicap, 1st Mike Weeks, Solo; 2nd Vernon Perkins, Solo; 3rd Malcolm Stone, Solo.
  • Autumn Handicap, 1st Mike Weeks, Solo.
  • Chilli Dog Series, 1st Guy Lonsdale, Solo; 2nd Phil ONions, Blaze; 3rd David Pocock, Solo.

It is obvious that there are some pretty capable helm’s sailing Solo’s with a vast depth of experience in everything from boat set Up to racing strategy.  This is employed during the Training events throughout the year that are all aimed to improving the experience on the lake.  There is also a very healthy pre and post race scene with tips and techniques being transfered within the fleet, it is a very freindly atmosphere.  Also we organise training events from outside sources including the RYA and other friends.

Most importantly we are not aware of anybody that did not enjoy the racing or receive a tremendous level of support and camaraderie from the fleet. 

If you want to come along and race then contact the Fleet Captain.  Visitors are always welcomed.

Vernon Perkins

Result from SCSC 2014 Open on 4th October 2014:

Position    Helm Name                 Club    
1st           James Ross                Hamble River Sailing Club    
2nd          Guy Lonsdale               SCSC    
3rd           Andy Miles                  SCSC    
4th           Vanda Jowett               Littleton Sailing Club   
5th           Jonathan Jowett           Littleton Sailing Club    
6th           Rob Mitchell                Chew Valley Lake SC  
7th           Paul Teague                Bristol Corinthian SC    
8th           Mike Round                 SCSC    
9th           Blair Jamieson             SCSC    
10th         Andy Shaw                  SCSC    
11th         Nick Fisher                  Chew Valley Lake SC   
12th         Mike Weeks                 SCSC    
13th         Steve Sandercock        SCSC   
14th         Duncan Syme              Banbury Sailing Club  
15th         Chris Jeffries               SCSC    
16th         Paul Kimmens             SCSC    
17th         Brian Gow                   Frampton on Severn SC    
18th         Vernon Perkins            SCSC    
19th         Nigel Annett                Llangorse    
20th         Richard White             Clevedon Sailing Club    
21st         Keith Hill                     Frampton on Severn SC    
22nd        Kit Beazley                 SCSC    
23rd         Ian Bartlett                 SCSC    
24th         Malcolm Stone           SCSC    

Photographs of the Solo Open are available at:


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